How Starting My Own Business Saved My Life

Written By Yalda Shaygy,  Founder of Rosé Toronto

When you hear or suspect someone is a victim of domestic violence, you might wonder, “Why don’t they just leave?” The truth is, they think about leaving all the time. But there are many factors that can hinder that choice. These obstacles can include lack of financial resources, support systems, legal resources, and emotional stability. Often times, it takes something extreme to break through these barriers. Something like starting your own business.

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Should You Avoid Divorce Until Your Children Are Older?

While some children benefit from their parents avoiding divorce and sticking things longer in the relationship, some do not because the marriage has deteriorated to such an extreme degree. Essentially, it all depends on the marriage itself, and how the parents interact with one another. For example, if you and you partner can be civil around the house, then waiting until your child is a little older might work well. However, if you and your spouse yell and fight on regular basis, then you should split up and get divorced immediately.

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