Social Media and Divorce: 5 Reasons Social Media is Not Your Friend

Written by Divorce/Break-up Coach Prudence Henschke

I love my phone as much as the next person.  I need it close by to keep an eye out for important “work” emails; to capture the special moments in my children’s lives; to take urgent calls from family members, or is that what I tell myself?

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Divorce Coach Confessions: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Written by Cherie Morris, JD, Parent Coordinator and Divorce Coach

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Infographic: Traditional Divorce vs Online

Divorce isn’t fun for anyone, and lawyers don’t exactly turn a difficult situation into a non-stop party.

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it's over easy Featured in Buzzy New Summer Read!

You can read every divorce self-help book and divorce finance article about the how-tos and don’t dos of this process, but sometimes you also need a story you can relate to. it’s over easy is excited to announce that its services are featured in a buzzy new beach read from debut author Laura Holtz entitled Warm Transfer.

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Divorcing Later in Life: How "Gray Divorce" Is Different

As divorce rates for the public at large level off, there's one demographic where divorce rates are actually increasing: seniors. So-called "gray divorces" have been on the rise since the Baby Boomer generation started reaching retirement age, and the unique issues senior citizens bring to a split can catch even a previously divorced couple by surprise.

If you're over 65, and involved in a divorce or you think you might be soon, it helps to know how gray divorce is different from splits among younger couples.

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