Divorce Coach Confessions: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Written by Cherie Morris, JD, Parent Coordinator and Divorce Coach

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Infographic: Traditional Divorce vs Online

Divorce isn’t fun for anyone, and lawyers don’t exactly turn a difficult situation into a non-stop party.

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it's over easy Featured in Buzzy New Summer Read!

You can read every divorce self-help book and divorce finance article about the how-tos and don’t dos of this process, but sometimes you also need a story you can relate to. it’s over easy is excited to announce that its services are featured in a buzzy new beach read from debut author Laura Holtz entitled Warm Transfer.

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Divorcing Later in Life: How "Gray Divorce" Is Different

As divorce rates for the public at large level off, there's one demographic where divorce rates are actually increasing: seniors. So-called "gray divorces" have been on the rise since the Baby Boomer generation started reaching retirement age, and the unique issues senior citizens bring to a split can catch even a previously divorced couple by surprise.

If you're over 65, and involved in a divorce or you think you might be soon, it helps to know how gray divorce is different from splits among younger couples.

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Child Support During Divorce: What Does it Cover and What’s the Law?

What Child Support Can Pay for, and What It Doesn't Cover

Most state courts decide child support figures based on a combination of factors and formulaic calculations that take into account both parents' incomes and the needs of the children involved. The goal of the courts is usually to ensure that children's basic needs are being met and that both parents are contributing in an appropriate way to the monetary obligation involved with raising children.

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