Parenting an Anxious Child Through a Divorce

Written by Kate Sheehan

Many children have anxiety that gets in the way of everyday functioning, and some of those children have parents who will divorce.  While all kids will face problems during a divorce, these issues can be even worse for children already struggling with anxiety, and these issues can mark a particularly critical point in a child's emotional and social development.

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How to Turn Your Divorce into an Opportunity for Personal Growth

Written by Virginia Gilbert, L.M.F.T

Divorce is a personal growth journey. Disentangling yourself legally and financially from your spouse may be a bumpy ride, but a stamped final judgment at the end of this saga signals you’ve reached your ultimate destination.

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Your Complete Guide to Divorce in New York

The New York Divorce Landscape

New Yorkers are maximalists. Apartments may be small, but the metro area’s culture is undeniably geared toward the biggest, the best, and the most. So, it may come as a surprise to you that New York State actually ranks pretty modestly in terms of divorce rates. You might think that’s good news... Right up until you find your marriage ending, and you aren’t sure if you have the knowledge and resources you need to stay afloat.

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How to Navigate Divorce and Family Finances During the Holidays

Written by Kimberly R. Nelson, C.F.A., C.D.F.A.

The holiday season is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but if you are newly divorced, in the middle of the divorce process, or simply contemplating the future of your marriage, it is probably anything but wonderful. We are constantly surrounded and influenced by television and social media that hounds us with endless tips for decorating, hosting festivities, preparing lavish meals, and giving gifts. 

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The Complete Guide to Building the Best Online Dating Profile for the New Year

Written By Dating Coach Bela Gandhi

Believe it or not, there are 110 million single Americans at this very moment. That’s 45% of the adult population. So, it’s no wonder that falling in love is at the forefront of so many people’s minds around the holiday season. This time of year is so widely recognized as a moment for looking for love, that it’s even developed its own name: Cuffing Season.

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