The Truth About Co-parenting a Teenager

Written by Laura A. Wasser, Esq. it's over easy Founder & C.E.O.

Social media, vaping, and Ubers - more than our parents ever had to deal with.

The True Meaning of “Divide and Conquer” in the context of Co-parenting

Until recently, I had always mistakenly assumed that the phrase, “divide and conquer,” meant that two factions going in separate directions could get more accomplished. This is true in all arenas except for co-parenting. 

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Blending Your Families?  You'd Better Come Up With A Plan

Written By Laura Cathcart Robbins

“I’ve been invited to their house for Memorial Day! I need to know; how do I do this?  How did you do this?”

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True Co-parenting Stories: My Own Experience

Written by Natasha M. Saltz, Esq.

I remember shopping for shoes as a teenager, eyeing some red velvet platforms. It was the 90’s and I was trying a new “alternative” look. The salesperson looked at the two women I was with, assuming at least one of them had to be my mother, and asked my shoe size. My stepmom laughed and said she did not know, so the salesperson looked at the other woman with me. My dad’s first wife started laughing, too, and my stepmom really started cracking up, saying that was her wife-in-law. The salesperson was just confused, but I remember loving this moment so much....

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The Best Schedule for Parents Sharing Joint Custody

Written by Cherie Morris, JD, Parent Coordinator and Divorce Coach

So, you’re getting a divorce. You’ve likely contemplated an array of important decisions. It’s essential to be informed about the choices you make during this life transition, even if the divorce isn’t your first choice. To accomplish this, you can consult a legal professional, a financial expert, a divorce coach and parent coordinator, and a therapist too. In addition, you might review primary sources like case law, or secondary resources like what you’ll find here on it’s over easy, which cover many of categories that...

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The Effects of Divorce on Teenagers

Written by Meredith, 16

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