Divorce Advice For Co-Parents Who Want A Happy Halloween

Who is taking the kids trick-or-treating this Halloween? Whether you're divorced or married, not every parent is equipped to parade through festively frightening streets and imbue candy seeking with excitement. Whether you all love Halloween and went trick-or-treating as a family or you assigned the task with a game of rock-paper-scissors, here’s some divorce advice you can use this October. We’ll keep this article up here so you can use the suggestions for other holidays, too!

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Post-Divorce Parenting: What’s the Deal with “Nesting”?

Heard of it? "Nesting" is showing up in the media and pop culture more and more frequently – see articles in the New York PostThe Wall Street Journal, and mine in The New York Times; TV shows like Transparent and Billions, and the upcoming Splitting Up Together; even Kelly Ripa polled the audience about it on Live!

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Warning Signs Of Divorce: The Road To “I’m Done”

While some divorces are a total surprise to one partner, many are no surprise at all. In fact, many couples are separated for years before even going through with their divorce officially. This is not only because divorce costs are expensive, but it is also because the individuals are aware that their love is no longer present. While the road to divorce can be scary, reading up on warning signs can be just what you need in order to prevent this tragedy from happening.

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Co-Habitation and Other Common Causes Of Divorce

Cohabitation can be detrimental to marriages and is something that all newly-weds should avoid. In addition to co-habitation, other things such as marrying at a young age and financial issues are also vital to the marriages’ longevity.

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