What Courts Consider When Awarding Spousal Support

Despite what most may believe, not everyone is entitled to spousal support after a divorce. While the factors vary state to state, and each state has its own set of guidelines for determining support, most jurisdictions similarly consider certain basic factors when awarding and determining the amount and frequency of support for a recently divorced couple.

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How to Handle Child Support in a Online Divorce

Orders for child support are one of the key elements of divorce with children, and if anything goes wrong with the arrangement you've made, the consequences can be disastrous for everyone involved. A bad child support order can leave the paying parent unable to cover the cost, the recipient parent unable to make ends meet, and the children of a divorced or never-married couple in poverty and neglected as their custodial parent sacrifices time with them to work a second (or third) job. Getting child support right is vital to everybody in the family, and hammering out a good deal gets a lot...

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Child Support During Divorce: What Does it Cover and What’s the Law?

What Child Support Can Pay for, and What It Doesn't Cover

Most state courts decide child support figures based on a combination of factors and formulaic calculations that take into account both parents' incomes and the needs of the children involved. The goal of the courts is usually to ensure that children's basic needs are being met and that both parents are contributing in an appropriate way to the monetary obligation involved with raising children.

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Child Support Modifications and When You Should Seek One

You and your ex have made the difficult decision to split up, and you've even successfully made it through an amicable divorce and are co-parenting well. But what happens when a few years pass, and one of you starts to feel that the child support amount you previously agreed upon isn't working anymore? The courts know that sometimes situations changes and have created child support modifications for this very reason.

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Child Support Negotiations and the Special Needs Child

While many people think that determining the amount of a child support obligation is a matter of simply plugging numbers into a formula, this isn't necessarily true. Many parents have extenuating circumstances that may require a deviation from the usual calculations. One common example is when a divorcing couple has one or more special needs children.

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