Planning for Education Expenses During Your Divorce

Planning for certain expenses during the divorce process, including education expenses, can make a big difference for you and your spouse. Specifically, getting down to the nitty gritty when it comes to finances during your divorce leaves you and your spouse better able to seek stability and success If you have children — or if one of you is planning to return to school following the divorce — you might want to engage in detailed discussions and agreements about how educational expenses will be handled in the future.

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5 Ways to Convert Stuff to Cash Before and After Divorce

Whether you're agreeing to it before a divorce or just trying to shed physical reminders post-divorce, converting material possessions into cash isn't always a terrible idea. If done correctly, it can bring some closure to this chapter in your life while also adding some spending money to your pocket. It's not always the right decision, though, so make sure you think through any financial steps before or after a divorce carefully before moving forward.

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