Divorce Papers In California: Income and Expense Declaration

After the petition and summons have been filed and served on your spouse, and after your spouse has filed his or her response with the Court, it is time for both parties to complete financial disclosures. Although these documents are not filed with the Court in an uncontested divorce, they do need to be exchanged between the spouses, and if they are not, the Court will not approve or finalize your divorce. As part of the financial disclosure process, you and your spouse will fill out Form FL-150 which is your Income and Expense Declaration. Generally, this form allows each spouse to detail...

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Divorce Papers In California: Child Custody and Visitation

Although divorce obviously affects the spouses involved, divorce also touches family members, including children. How divorcing couples handle child custody and visitation can have lasting impressions on their children. With cooperation and patience, parents can create a sensible custody and plan for parenting time (visitation) that works for the whole family.

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Uncontested Divorce @itsovereasy!

Today, everyone is looking to streamline their life. From ordering fast food to dating, shopping and banking online, convenience is key. But not all aspects of our complicated lives are quick and painless. When it comes to divorce, most people recognize that it can be messy, time-consuming and expensive – the complete opposite of painless. However, it does not have to be that way. ­There is a solution: an uncontested divorce. it’s over easy is a user-friendly platform designed to facilitate the uncontested divorce process in an amicable and stress-free way, without involving lawyers. If...

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From The Desk of LAW | Prenuptial Agreements 101

Written by it's over easy Founder & Family Law Attorney Laura Wasser

While it might seem odd to have an article about prenuptial agreements (PNA’s) on a website where we focus on divorce mediation, but the fact is that nothing could be more appropriate. The principles behind what a prenuptial agreement is are the same that I counsel our clients to adhere to in their dissolution process. They are also the very principles which could save your marriage; clear and considerate communication. So many couples rush to the alter without even knowing that they are entering into a legal contract...

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