What is alimony anyways?

First, let's define what we're talking about. Alimony or spousal support is funds which one party pays to the other for maintenance of the marital lifestyle during and after a divorce. Alimony is generally based on the amount of annual income earned by the parties during the marriage.

Common-Law Property Versus Community Property

Can alimony be determined online?

So, you're contemplating an online divorce and are wondering, can this be accomplished all online if alimony/spousal support is pertinent to your situation? The answer... yes, you and your spouse can use the it's over easy state-specific calculators to get an estimate that is based on state guideline formulas.

How is the amount determined?

As there is a multitude of variables (length of the marriage, the annual income of both parties, etc) used to complete this calculation, it's a requirement that both spouses complete all sections of the platform. The it's over easy alimony/spousal support feature is available in our Premium plan and is accessible within the Make/Spend section of our platform.

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